Medicine woman
Curator of light.

I have always loved skincare! My love for skincare came when I experienced  my own break out in my early twenties! Woman can develop adult acne in their twenties to early thirties! I worked with a medical esthetician with a holistic approach for skincare and created my own skincare line! 


Channel of light  

My healing light energy started when I started getting psychic visions while placing my hands on people for facials. I would be able to see memories of that person they did not tell me. I could feel pain in certain areas of body where others felt pain physically or from karmic energy that needed to be released. I started to see things happening right before they would happen. I had to follow my soul contract spirit was preparing me for. I now have tapped into my own healing energy for others. I am a channel of light and I use light language, a universal ancient language from the unseen realms for healings. I use techniques of shamanism and light energy to assist in healings.  

I can't wait to go on a journey with you!

march 17th-21st 2023

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th - 17th

Whitefish, Montana