About Alex & Her Love For Skincare.

I have always had a love for skincare. My journey started in my early twenties when I broke out in cystic acne. Someone suggested I see a medical esthetician who changed my skin forever.

I fell in love with the medical side of esthetics as well as the holistic side. Now I take my clients through their own skincare journey. 


Alex is on the path as a medicine woman & shamanic practitioner

Alex has been doing her own sacred journey for over a decade in search of her truth. By doing sacred inner work, it has brought her visions of being a medicine woman and bringing people together in ceremony. 

She is looking forward to taking you on your own sacred journey. 

Almost there!

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I can't wait to go on a journey with you!

November 10th - 14th

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th - 17th

Whitefish, Montana