Consists of connecting with the energy of different phases of the moon cycle. 

Each new & full moon brings different energies for us to work with and integrate the healing modalities of each moon into our lives. 

I host ceremonies each month for the New & Full Moon.

The ceremonies I hold are deep shamanic ceremonies.

I can see souls who have crossed over or who still need guidance in crossing over in ceremony.

These ceremonies are powerful and profound.

I can host private ceremonies for groups as well.
If interested in hosting a ceremony for your friends and loved ones 
Please email
 I price each group different for the size of each group. 

Pricing is $222-$500

Depends on how long and how many people. 

New & Full Moon ceremonies 

I channel our spirit guides together and envision what our ceremony will be during the time of each different moon phase. 

I incorporate the shamanic drum  with sounds of the beating heart connecting with the womb. Brings a very safe connection in dropping you into your hearts center and the ability to connect truly with your emotions. I use crystal sound bowl therapy and singing of the heart. 

Inner Journey is one on one healing with Alex. It can be over the phone, zoom call and in person. 
Inner journey is healing parts of you that feel lost. Alex uses shamanic tools to call back parts of your soul that feel lost. Each session is curated for exactly what you need in the time for healing. Alex has psychic abilities to see into your subconscious and help you find healing in yourself.  Healing energy work is all volunteer and she does not give medical or mental health diagnoses. 

Shamanic inner journey is beautiful & courageous.


Inner Journey
& healinG

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I can't wait to go on a journey with you!

march 17th-21st 2023

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th - 17th

Whitefish, Montana