sacred journey montana

Are you ready to live at your beautifully yet wild heart?



Alex has been hosting journeys for years and it is now time for to listen to nature and what she wants. It is now time to bring in the wild forces of nature and have each of us remember who we truly are.

Do you have inner knowings for something greater beyond this world?

Do you see visions of your past lives?

Do you have ancient rumblings inside of you bursting to come alive?

This retreat is a sacred journey. 

The time is now to rise up from the ashes and rise to who we all truly are. Which is magic and infinite knowings of something greater beyond the physical realm.

In remembering, we incorporate ancient rituals such as ceremonies, yoga, high vibrational foods, joining together & finding our soul tribe. 



We will have yoga every day to help ground us in our bodies in connecting with our past lives.


We will gather every day for ceremonies & reflect Native conceptions of Spirit, Creator, and the Universe.


We will be working with your energy on tapping into all of your energy fields and co creating a magical experience just for you! 💫


National park

We will go hiking & hold a water ceremony in Glacier National Park

organic chef

We will have our own private chef to prepare x3 a day plant based foods grown on the property


The land we will be holding the retreat on is very sacred. There are many portals on this property where we will hold ceremony at!

What can I expect when I attend this sacred journey?

Join Alex & Brother Jospeh Greywolf 

Sacred Journey

Alex Kane

she is on the path as a medicine woman, shamanic practitioner

Brother Joseph Greywolf


join us

The ceremonies will be held by Alex Kane and Native Elder Joseph Greywolf. One day we will gather in Glacier National Park to hold a water ceremony lead by Joseph Greywolf. Ceremonies are a way for us to connect both the physical realms and the spiritual realms. Traditional healing ceremonies promote wellness by reflecting Native conceptions of Spirit, Creator, and the Universe.

We will gather every day for ceremonies & reflect Native conceptions of Spirit, Creator, and the Universe.




The word 'Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite'. Yoga also refers to an inner science comprising of a variety of methods through which human beings can realize this union and achieve mastery over their destiny. As we incorporate this in sacred journey we will union the physical world & the mystical. Together we will join in these wild forces with breath to movement to help us remember our ancient self.

We will have yoga every day to help ground us in our bodies in connecting with our past lives.

Expands our spiritual consciousness 

Moves energies through out our whole bodies

Releases old energies in the body making space for new energy

Creates light body activation

Your sacred journey will include:

Five days / four nights


Yoga & meditation every day

Private organic chef

Shamanic ceremonies held by a native elder

Shamanic mediation held by Alex Kane

Shuttle service from the airport to & from

Sacred water ceremony in Glacier National Park

Shuttle service to and from the airport

Meditative workbook written by Alex Kane

Lodging options


Two people max in each shared room

Laundry on site 

Shared bathrooms 

Private Queen room


Shared Room



Cedar House

Private Kitchen and fireplace

Private lake cabin house

Private & Shared bathrooms 

Private Queen room private bathroom


Private Queen room shared bathroom



Shared Room shared bathroom


5 days & 4 nights

Pricing includes entire journey

the process

Book now & leave a $1,000 deposit

By leaving a deposit you are securing your spot! E-mail me with the details on room preferences. First come first served for room availability

How does it work??


Sit back relax & let Alex take of the rest

Let Alex Kane be your travel agent and handle all the little details. She will plan it all out and send you your itinerary for your journey


Enjoy the experience of a lifetime

Enjoy your Montana sacred journey and reach a deeper meaning in your spirituality and connect with your wild self inside of you!



Almost there!

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I can't wait to go on a journey with you!

November 10th - 14th

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th - 17th

Whitefish, Montana