sacred journey sedona

September 21st-26th 2023

November 11/11 portal 



The Illumination Series

March Spring Equinox will be the start to the Illumination series. The emergence of light. Alex has received new light codes and has channeled new light language. 

Do you feel a part of your soul is lost? 

Are you ready to receive new light codes

Emergence of the light. 

We will walk an ancient medicine wheel to help you integrate your healing process. Medicine wheel is used by honoring the four directions. We invite in our ancestors for a deeper connection to earth and a better understanding of our gifts. 

Sacred Journeys to Sedona is a five day expansion of your highest purpose. I will take you to the sacred sites of Sedona with the highest frequency vortexes where I hold ceremony.  


Shamanic Journey 

Alex will travel to the unseen realms to connect with your past lives.
Bringing parts of your lost soul back home.


Fire ceremony with Native Elder Joseph Greywolf. Alex will hold shamanic ceremonies everyday at the highest vibrational places in the world.  Alex will hold pipe ceremony as she is a pipe carrier. She will channel light codes at every ceremonial spot.

ancient medicine wheel

We will walk an ancient medicine wheel to help you integrate your healing process.


2023 illumination series

Emergence of the light 
March Spring equinox 
September Autumn equinox 


We will go to sacred sites of Mother Earth and the crystal grid system. 


Alex incorporates tools like the crystal sound bowl with the frequency of Mother Earth to deepen your healing. 

What can I expect when I attend this sacred journey?

Join Alex & Brother Jospeh Greywolf 

Sacred Journey

Alex Kane

Medicine woman
shamanic teacher 
Curator of light 

Brother Joseph Greywolf


join us

Alex has received new light codes from the heavens above and beautiful mother earth. 
Our planet is changing rapidly and heaven is on earth next year! 
Spirit has showed me that we will all be receiving these powerful light codes and it is time to start the emergence of light!

Alex will unveil the unseen
Teach us to dance with duality 
Receive new Light codes



Journey within

We must invite in old teachings to save humanity. In saving humanity, we must start healing ourselves. Sacred Sedona is an opportunity to heal beyond this realm. When we start to heal ourselves we heal past karma that we don't need to carry anymore. Instead of surviving we can fully live!! How would it feel to fully live from infinite love, instead of fear?! Come join us as we lift the veil and embody divine light from the earth!!

Allowing spirit to shed light on those deep wounded cracks in our being, allowing the light to permeate through our mind, body & spirit. 

Transcend yourself with the frequency of Mother Earth.

Cold plunges in the beautiful creeks of Sedona

Rebirthing Breath work 

Releases old energies in the body making space for new energy

We travel through the dimensional portals 

Your sacred journey will include:

Five days 

Lodging recommendations

Ceremonies every day

Shamanic ceremonies held by a native elder

Soul Retrieval 

Light code workbook written by Alex Kane

$500 deposit to hold your space // $2222 total

the process

Book now & leave a $500 deposit

By leaving a deposit you are securing your spot! E-mail me with the details on room preferences. First come first served for room availability

How does it work??


Sit back relax & let Alex take of the rest

Let Alex Kane be your travel agent and handle all the little details. She will plan it all out and send you your itinerary for your journey


Enjoy the experience of a lifetime

Enjoy your Sedona sacred journey fully!!
Mind, body & spirit fully taken care of!!



I can't wait to go on a journey with you!

march 17th-21st 2023

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th - 17th

Whitefish, Montana